Ed Harcourt

New Album Furnaces

New Album Furnaces

June 29, 2016

Ed Harcourt returns with his seventh album Furnaces, the most ambitious and abrasive album of his career. Furnaces was produced by legendary producer Flood, a long-time ally of Ed, who has previously worked with the likes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey and Foals.

Furnaces is released on August 19th and is available to pre-order from the following places:

Amazon / HMV / Official Store / Rough Trade

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Amazon / Official Store / Rough Trade

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Or listen to tracks from the album upfront of release on Spotify (and subscribe to the playlist where tracks will be added as they are released).

From Ed:
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“No man is an island unto himself” – John Donne.

There is a very different atmosphere in this country. I can feel it in the air wherever I go. It was an odd feeling driving down to Glastonbury last Friday. The nation was and is truly divided.

On the day that Farage declares his support for Trump (go figure), the horrific explosions in Istanbul, the worst refugee crisis we have seen in a long time, a grumbling, flailing government, the opposition in disarray, huge anti-referendum protests in the street and the final death throes following the collapse of the commonwealth, it’s with an oddly conflicted heart that I announce the release of my new album, Furnaces – released August 19th 2016 via Polydor/Caroline International.

There are two songs that we have decided to throw your way as tasty morsels before the last supper.


This is about man as creator/destroyer , lover/fighter. The poet with the goat legs veering between his dual natures. The uncontrollable urges that can’t be accounted for, due to the ridiculous excuse of biological make-up (or chemical discrepancies) – there is an equal amount of irrationality in both sexes in completely different ways. Surely we men have a certain amount of will-power? We are not simple animals, we choose, we decide, we cause our outcomes; but our egos, our lack of restraint, our desires…our hunger for power….always teetering on a see-saw of morals. We want to have it all. We savage all that loves us.


I always loved the idea of fallen kings – ever since the famous play, King Lear, buried itself under my skin when I was younger.

We think we’re more powerful than we actually are. Not all of us are arrogant and ignorant but we cannot mess with Mother Nature. She was here before us and she’ll be here long after we’re gone. It’s hard not to feel sad at the sheer repugnant disrespect some people have for each other, the celebration of narcissism, the rise of bigotry, the lack of empathy running in correlation with our immersion in unnecessary technology, which is meant to be progressive.

Why does history repeat itself on a loop? We are walking disintegration tapes! We must all look out for each other whenever we can. Before it’s too late.

This record is from the heart of a father, brother & human. The rage that I have for these intense times has kept me burning, kept me writing; I suppose one is compelled by how the outside world reflects one’s own shortcomings; these are the mirrors that we hold up to ourselves, in the search for some kind of truth. I can only write as honestly as I can.

Much love to you all and thanks for listening and reading.